[WordPress] If the WPML multilingual plugin does not work properly

Sometimes, WPML would not work properly depending on the web-hosting services used. For example, it may not be possible to switch to other language when you click on the language menu item in a menu.

In this case, the problem might be resolved by changing the language URL format.

Please click WPML > Languages and then go to the Language URL format section. There are three options. Among them, please choose the last option: Language name added as a parameter.

[WordPress] If the WPML multilingual plugin does not work properly 1


If the problem still persists, you can contact WPML for assistance.


There are several ways to convert your WordPress sites to multilingual sites. In this blog, WPML is installed. It provides a very easy way to make your WP sites multilingual. Another solution is a multisite. Multisite might be somewhat difficult. But it's a clean solution for the WP multilingual sites. I installed a multilingual multisite as test at this test blog.


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