[WordPress] I purchased Elegant Themes

I came to know about the Divi theme from Elegant Themes last year. I handled it several times and bought it the other day.

There are three plans in Elegant Themes: Personal, Developer and Lifetime. I purchased the cheapest one - Personal. The Divi and Extra themes incorporate Divi Builder. I think the Personal plan is suitable for me because I will use only the Divi or Extra themes.

At a glance, Visual Builder of Divi Builder is good. It will take some time to be familiar with it. The Divi theme is a clean multi-purchase WordPress theme.

[WordPress] I purchased Elegant Themes 1
The Visual Builder feature of Divi Builder, the page builder of Divi

Currently the Enfold theme is used in my main blog. I want to change it to Divi or Extra in the long run.

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