iPage Review 2016 -- Essential Plan

iPage offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth at the rate of USD1.99 per word, which is lower than Bluehost.

I personally use Bluehost and iPage. I use the Bluehost VPS plan for my main blog and the iPage Essential plan for this blog. The Essential Plan is a shared hosting service, but I feel it's fine in the aspects of speed and stability.

I also used the cheapest plan of Bluehost last year, but there were issues with speed and stability. After contacting the Bluehost Support several times, I finally switched to VPS. When I signed up iPage, I was concerned about speed and stability. Fortunately, I am satisfied with the speed of iPage. To obtain satisfactory performance, a cache plugin will be required.

I installed WordPress. WordPress can be automatically installed from iPage Control Panel. In order to improve the speed of the site, I uninstalled W3 Total Cache and then installed WP Fastest Cache. I think this cache plugin is especially good for iPage.

The iPage Essential plan will be perfect for individuals who want large disk space and high traffic. For companies that require more stable performance, a higher plan such as VPS or Dedicated Server will be more appropriate.

iPage video

You might find some users who were dissatisfied with iPage. I think they should have tried some cache plugins. Actually, after installing a cache plugin and WPML, this blog achieved a 76/91 score with WordPress and Google PageSpeed Insights.


Once again, I think the iPage Essential Plan might be a good choice for those who want large disk space and high bandwidth at low rate. If you need more reliable and speedy webhosting service, Bluehost VPS will be desirable.

For your reference, if you sign up for Bluehost webhosting service by clicking on the referral links contained in this article, I will be able to get some commission. However, I do not recommend a specific service just for commission. I have been using several web-hosting services for over 3-4years including SiteGround and Bluehost.

Most especially, if you purchase Bluehost's Shared Hosting service by clicking on this link, you can use a Bluehost web-hosting service with US$1/mo off starting from US$2.95.

※ Currently, this blog is hosted with Bluehost Shared Hosting.

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