How to remove referrer spam in Google Analytics

I have suffered from spam bots which appeared in Google Analytics. They are called "Referrer Spams" which distort the Google Analytics statistics.


For example, appears as a referral on Google Analytics. But the bounce rate of this spam referrer is 100%.

Especially, many referrer spams such as,, and even Secret.ɢ (which is different from or attacked my site. I could see one of such spams every day on my Analytics Dashboard.

I tried to take every step which could be searched in google but I could not prevent them from appearing on the Google Analytics Reports.

I could remove them from Google Analytics with a filter to exclude a region.

Remove referrer spams in Google Analytics

As shown above, please go to Admin > All Filters. And then click on "ADD FILTER" to create a new pattern.

  • Filter Type: Custom
  • Select Exclude
  • Filter Filed: Country, Region or City
  • Filter Pattern: Samara Oblast

I also added "Russia" (as a Country) and "Saint Petersburg" (as a City). Now annoying spam referrals will not appear in your Google Analytics Reports.

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