Do not install WordPress on the root directory with iPage

I use the iPage Essential Plan and am satisfied with it. I think iPage is fairly good in the terms of the price and performance. The iPage Essential Plan offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. I also use the Bluehost VPS, which is more stable and provides higher performance than shared hosted services.

The speed of this blog with iPage is satisfactory since I installed a lightweight WordPress theme and a cache plugin named WP Fastest Cache.

I recommend you do not install WordPress on the Root directory when using iPage. Otherwise, you might encounter unexpected errors. Instead, please install WP on a sub-directory and then set to point your domain to that subdirectory.

For this, please follow the following steps:

  1. Install your WordPress on a subdirectory using the WordPress installation feature by selecting Website and then WordPress in cpanel.
  2. Go to DomainCentral. You will see the list of your domains. Click on the domain you want to link with your WP installed on a subdirectory.
  3. Please click Pointers. Select "Subdirectory" under "Set up the domain home directory or forward location" and then specify the subdirectory you just installed the WordPress.
    Set i[ the domain home directory or redirection

As I said, some unexpected errors might occur if you install WP on your root directory with iPage. Installing WordPress on a subdirectory will eliminate such errors.

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